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I picked up my text books for school this morning (an adventure as I failed to bring my list with me). I arrived with my daughters (aged 13 and 5) just in time to watch the Pride flag raising (part of Comox , BC’s Pride celebrations¬† #ComoxValleyPride ). It is nice to be a part of a school that lives by and celebrates #diversity

I have been asked why I am returning to school after years of freelance website design, management, and marketing. It is a question I have reflected on all summer…

I began writing html in 1997 and successfully raised my children working in Internet advertising/marketing (HerMedia) for over 7 years.¬† I watched the rise and fall of many online businesses, blogged before blog platforms existed (writing my pages in html), created and sold a few great websites…¬† However, a brief hiatus of 4 years to care for my sister has created a gap in my knowledge. My favorite design tools were bought by Adobe, Social Media boomed, and my little sleepy town no longer has under 200 people with smart phones (something I only use to see when I visited New York or Vancouver) #smalltownlife . My kids finally understand what hashtags are and use them more then me.

The biggest reason though is that despite my years of paid experience working within the eCommerce, Internet design and marketing industries … without a piece of paper locating quality telecommuting positions has become near to impossible. I could launch my own business again, but the 20 hour days and travel it takes to lead that venture isn’t feasible anymore. So back to college I go to complete a program in Interactive Media and communications. I know I can expect many of the program’s courses and materials to be a review. I also know I will meet great people and learn new things.

After our visit at North Island College, the girls and I spent the rest of the day visiting downtown Courtenay. We spent quite a bit of time at Whale’s Tale Toys, discovered the Raspberry Meringue’s at Hot Chocolates,¬† and found a few trinkets and gem stones at Winds of Change. Followed by movies and spending time on the school home away from home with the girls. I think we shall have some fun times here over the next few years.