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I spent some time this morning searching for blog posts to help me determine my Blog Niche.

I have been writing for a few weeks and although I want to develop my blog into a resource for other women in business, I also hope to be entertaining. Balancing Professionalism with Parenthood can this be done in a blog ?

Let’s take a look at my target audience. Ideally my blog will target women in business. Of course considering women make over 80% of all household purchases and have an increasing spending power in business I would hope all business owners would be interested in the content of my blog. The challenge will be writing to women without alienating other readers.

I just read “27+1 Tips for Building and Maintaining a Blog Audience”, by Jarrod Hunt. As a new blogger I am attempting to learn more about blogging, WordPress, and promoting my blog. My experience is promoting websites which is similar to promoting a blog. I speak “Online Advertising” my “Blog terminology” is sadly lacking.

I hope my journey into the world of blogging helps you, gives you the occasional chuckle, and results in a content rich location the internet for Women in business.

I ventured into My Blog Log, Yahoo’s Blog Community this morning and registered. I love communities now if I only had the time to sit and read blogs all day 🙂

Originally published on February 19th, 2008 at her-media