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I have spent most of reading break tucked away in a small corner of the North Island College Alberni Campus’ library. Catching up on assignments for Javascript, Typography, Indesign, and Fine Art Drawing.

I have also been starting to plan for my Summer 2017 Job search. In order to maintain my Web development in on campus library computerfunding status in September I need 640+ plus hours of  employment over May, June, July, and August.

I would LOVE to be focused in one position where I can make the most impact, possibly with a NonProfit assisting with administration and marketing both this summer and summer of 2018. However, our local job economy is small which means I shall likely have to consider a few part time positions.

I may be working within a Community Living position so I am updating my HCA level first aid next month and looking for some CPI training (as mine is rather outdated). Which means the next two months shall be intense with Interactive Media Studies, outside workshops, and updating my job search tools.

A busy spring is predicted …